GeNeDis 2024

6th worldwide Congress on “Genetics, Geriatrics and Neurodegenerative Diseases Research”.

Location TBA

GeNeDis 2024!

GeNeDis is a World Congress on “Genetics, Geriatrics and Neurodegenerative Diseases Research” that takes place every two years. The conference is organised by the Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Human Electrophysiology (BiHELab) of the Department of Informatics of the Ionian University.

Over 50 keynote speakers from pristine institutes such as the Johns Hopkins University, Karolinska Institute’s Nobel Institute for Neurophysiology, National Institute on Aging (NIA/NIH), EMBL Heidelberg and Columbia University are uniquely placed in the scientific program to share their work and discuss the newest findings in the field of neuroscience. Therefore, enhancing the conference’s interdisciplinary nature. The conference theme is “Health Aging and Mental Wellness in the New Digital Era”. Our keynote speakers will debate and highlight key themes, trends and current practices for the audience. The conference focuses on the latest major challenges in scientific research, the development of novel biomarkers and protocols for early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases, and the identification of new drug targets and imaging techniques. The relation between genetics and their effect on several diseases will be lengthily examined. Other sessions will focus on computational methodologies and their implementation on biomarker identification for neurodegenerative diseases. The increase in the average length of life leads to the development of various diseases in the elderly population. Discussions that advances that the aim better and safer health aging will also occur during our sessions.

Frequently asked Q&As
How can I receive a Certificate of Attendance?

In order to receive your certificate after the end of the conference, you must have first completed the registration form found here!

How can I submit my paper?
You can submit your paper at

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How can I pay the registration fees?

Currently, you can only pay the registration fees by deposit into account:

  • Piraeus Bank: 6380-138-310-751
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I have submitted several papers. How do I proceed?

For authors with multiple submissions:

  1. You can fill in ONE registration form for all papers.
  2. The registration fees ONLY cover your participation in the conference and submission of ONE paper. Please contact us at for more information.

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